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TC Fastback Prototype 1964

One-Off Variant by Karmann

After the T34 was finalized & in production, Karmann continued to design alternatives for VWs consideration to add to the T34 models.  Fastback designs were popular in the early-1960's and the Karmann designers began drawings in the April 1964 based on the T34.


The full-scale prototype was completed in September 1964, combining the sloping rear window into the Coupe design to allow for more rear passenger headroom & a true four-seater design.  In Jan 1965 the TC project was put on-hold, due to T34 Coupe sales.


Karmann continued its design work in Sep 1968, adding an IRS chassis with Automatic transmission. Proposals for the South American market transformed into the Brazilian TC Type 145.

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