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The 1962 model year was the first year of production.  It had a 45hp motor with 1500cc and a single Solex carburetor.  It was capable of 85mph but the speedometer max was 90mph/150kph.  The KG script was on the rear panel and the nose emblem was a rectangular shape, featured only in 1962.  Front seat backrest release knob was at the top of the seats.  Fresh-air chrome trim was two pieces.  Aluminum window trims were one long piece (top & bottom).  Engine trapdoor & spare tire cover were painted to match the body color.


The 1962 models featured here are some of the best original restored T34s in the world today.  They are excellent ambassadors to use as references for 1962 restorations.


1962 Colors:  Sea Blue L360, Pacific L398, Black L41, Pearl White L87, Anthracite L469, & Ruby Red L456.

Pearl White Coupe

Johannes Krasenbrink (Germany)

#0 035 224 with 35K Miles Unrestored

Sea Blue & Blue-White Coupe

Ulf Reissberg (Germany)
#0 050 901 Original Owner 

Black Coupe

Carsten Klein (Germany)

#0 002 910 Restored, 8th Oldest Worldwide

Antracite & Pearl White Coupe

Jens Schwenkhagen (Germany)

#0 050 456 Restored

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