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The 1964 model year was the introduction of the new more-powerful 54hp S engine.  It had dual carburetors, domed-topped pistons with a higher compression ratio & was capable of 100mph.  The speedometer was changed to 100mph/160kph to reflect this enhanced power and an S badge was added to the rear panel.  1964 was also the first year for the RHD models.


These 1964 models are some of the best original restored T34s in the world today.  They have original interiors, stock height, oriignal rims/wheels, and have been carefully preserved.


1964 Colors:  Sea Blue L360, Pacific L398, Polar Blue L532, Emerald L514, Pearl White L87, Manila Yellow L560, Terra Brown L571, & Ruby Red L456.

Ruby Red & Black Coupe

Mike Malamut (Southern California USA)

#0 265 693 with 6300 Miles Unrestored

Pearl White & Black Coupe

Heiko Thum (Germany)
#0 400 689 with 79K Miles Restored

Sea Blue & Blue-White RHD Coupe

Neil Camp (United Kingdom)

#0 435 190 with 62K Miles Restored

Pacific & Blue-White Coupe

Private Collection (Japan)

#0 355 105 Restored

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