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Tim Dapper

Tim Dapper from Northern California USA has been seriously involved with T34s long before any other American owners.  He's been buying, fixing, and selling T34s since the early-80s.  Read his interview to learn more about this T34 Pioneer.

Tell Us About Your First T34

My first T34 was a 1963 model year with the 32-PHN single carb.  I knew nothing about this carb and the engine wasn't running.  Since I did know about twin carbs, it made sense to me to change the engine.  First I found that it was not possible to just put the twin carb engine in the space available.  So I removed two intake manifolds with carbs and the block would now fit.  Then I reattached the carbs, and found that the linkages would not fit.  So I carefully marked the spots where the linkages touched the smaller engine bay, and made two dimples where the linkages touched, and viola, everything worked without cutting out the engine bay sides.  Of course, I did have to find a couple of 6 Volt choke actuators.  I drove the car that way for a while, then it started badly.

You Owned a 1964 T34 with Vinyl Roof & Unique Gutters.  Tell Us the Story!

This was a special-build T34 with a vinyl roof & extended roof gutters that went all the way down the C-pillar.  It was built in 1964 to showcase a new vinyl roof design.  I found it in 1985 & owned it for 25 years.  In 2010 we stripped it to bare metal & primed it to seal the body.  It was sold to Larry Edson to finish.  # 0 380 222 with matching body & chassis numbers and engine #0 475 398 built 16 March 1964 & delivered 10 April 1964 to to Nuremburg, Germany.  Ruby Red with Black vinyl roof.

You Were Always at the VW Classic in Southern California selling a T34 in the 1980's & 90's.  How Did You Find So Many Nice T34s?

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