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T34 Cabriolets

The Convertible Story

VW had always planned the Cabriolet version of the T34 to be released alongside the other VW 1500 series models at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September 1961. They developed the folding roof design in mid-1961 and we are fortunate to have their drawings. One Cabriolet was unveiled at the Frankfurt Show but due to body flex issues they delayed production until Oct 1962.


VW ordered Karmann to begin production in Oct 1962 and 16 bodies were completed, 10 of which were mated to their chassis and finished. But suddenly in December 1962 VW halted production due to Karmann not meeting their quota of other VW models.


There are five 1963 Cabriolets existing to day, all in Germany.  They were all painted Pearl White except one that was Pacific.

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