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The 1967 model year was the introduction of the new pseudo wood-grain dash covering.  The interior panel design changed to a 4-line panel, a small KG script was added above the radio, the dash knobs became black rubber, the rear script became VW-1600-L, & the front seats were now fitted with an automatic cable locking system.


The 1967 models here are some of the best original restored T34s in the world today.  They have original interiors, stock height, oriignal rims/wheels, and have been carefully preserved.


1967 Colors:  Sea Blue L360, Neptune Blue L50K, Roulette Green L544, Savannah Beige L620, Lotus White L282, Vulcan Gray L70K, Sea Sand L568, Smoke Gray L594, Castillian Yellow L10K, Henna Red L553, & Cherry Red L554.

Castillian Yellow Coupe

Steve Seaton (Washington USA)

#347 038 831 with 50K Miles Unrestored

Cherry Red & Black Coupe

Rodger Marcks (Southern California USA)
#347 065 673 Restored

Lotus White & Brown Electric Sunroof

Private Collection (Germany)

50K Miles Unrestored

Slate Gray & White Electric Sunroof

Marc Woltinger (Switzerland)

#347 099 548 Restored

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