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The 1969 model year was the last production year.  There were a few improvements including icons in the fuel gauge, a black knob for the glovebox door, and a new front hood release cable built into the glovebox liner (mid-year).


The 1969 models featured here represent some of the best original restored T34s in the world today.  They have original interiors, stock height, oriignal rims/wheels, and have been carefully preserved.


1969 Colors:  Chrome Blue L51K, Cypress Green L62L, Toga White L90C, Oriole Yellow L11K, Cherry Red L554, & Sunset L31K.

Chrome Blue Coupe Automatic

Paul Peeters (Belgium)

#349 014 492 with 38K Miles Unrestored

Cherry Red & White Coupe

Philip Egger (Switzerland)

#349 111 889 Restored

Cypress Green & White Coupe

Thomas Voss (Germany)

#349 174 770 with 33K Miles Restored

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