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The 1966 model year was the introduction of the new more-economical 1600cc engine.  It had didn't have the high-performance pistons & compression but it was still capable of 100mph.  A new VW-1600 script was added to the rear panel.  Front disk brakes were safer & more reliable than the previous drum brakes.


The 1966 models here are some of the best original restored T34s in the world today.  They have original interiors, stock height, oriignal rims/wheels, and have been carefully preserved.


1966 Colors:  Sea Blue L360, Bermuda L288, Roulette Green L544, Arcona White L582 & Lotus White L282, Black L41, Fontana Gray L595, Sea Sand L568, Smoke Gray L594, Manila Yellow L560, Henna Red L553, & Cherry Red L554.

Lotus White Coupe with Pigalle Interior

Michael Neumann (Germany)

#346 278 858 with 60K Miles Unrestored

Bermuda & Cobalt RHD Coupe

Paul Sharoglazov (Australia)

#346 025 097 with 80K Miles Restored

Henna Red Coupe

Private Collection (Switzerland)

#346 159 176 Restored

Lotus White & Black Electric Sunroof

Michael Moesinger (Germany)

#346 158 514 Restored

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