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The 1965 model year had minor changes from the previous year.  Early on the speedometer increased in diameter, the dual horns were relocated to the front bumper, & the interiors became monotone.


These 1965 models are some of the best original restored T34s in the world today.  They have original interiors, stock height, oriignal rims/wheels, and have been carefully preserved.


1965 Colors:  Sea Blue L360, Bermuda L288, Roulette Green L544, Arcona White L582, Fontana Gray L595, Sea Sand L568, Smoke Gray L594, Manila Yellow L560, Henna Red L553, & Cherry Red L554.

Sea Sand & Pearl White Coupe

Franck Boutier (France)

#345 132 130 with 40K Miles Restored

Sea Blue & Blue-White RHD Coupe

Private Collection (Australia)
#345 096 802 with 30K
 Miles Restored

Roulette Green & White RHD Coupe

Andy Holmes (United Kingdom)

#345 044 160 Restored

Smoke Gray & Fontana Gray RHD Coupe

Private Collection (United Kingdom)

#345 001 425 with 30K Miles Unrestored

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