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Derek Frow

Derek Frow lived in Bath England and passed-away in 2017.  He was the Chairman of the KGOC-Great Britain for many years and was instrumental in the formation of the T34 World organization.  Learn more about this T34 Pioneer.

Derek was the epitome of an English gentleman.  Well spoken, patient, understanding, and always willing to offer his sage advice.  When Lee was creating the T34 Registry in the 1980's & 90's he wrote letters to Derek for advice.  Derek shared his experiences with club management as well as his advice for our fledgling organization.  He believed strongly that a dedicated person was essential to lead while being supported by an international contingent of "believers" willing to help make it successful.  After 15 years of communication Lee met Derek in-person in England in 2003 at the KG International.  Lee stayed in Bath with Derek &  his wife Glenys.  They met again in Germany in 2011 at the T34 50th Anniversary.


Derek owned several T34s over many years and the last one was a RHD 1969 Coupe.  He first bought it in 1987, sold it in 1997, and bought back in 2005.  His daughter Tina drove him from England to Germany so that he could participate in this historic event.  He also owned an early-1963 LHD Coupe with Electric Sunroof (right).  It had been shipped from Florida USA as a project.  Derek sold it before completing the restoration.


2011 - 50th Anniversary of the T34 in GMH Germany

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